I am a Certified Life Coach, and I’m passionate about empowering people to create and sustain positive change and growth in their lives.  As a Life Coach, I partner with you to help you create a more authentic, fulfilling, and balanced life.  I bring a deep sense of presence, compassion, curiosity, intuition, and understanding to my practice.

I also bring with me a wide spectrum of experience.  I've always felt a strong pull towards working directly with people in a way that empowers them to bring wholeness and more well-being into their lives.  In some cultures, I might be called a Shaman.  In others, a healer or light worker.  I guess I just see myself as being open, receptive, and supportive of each individual I work with, wherever they may be in their journey.

It's been an interesting and winding path to my current way of showing up in the world.  Prior to becoming a Life Coach, I worked extensively on public health issues both nationally and internationally.  For about eight years, I was a public health attorney focusing on consumer health protection.  Although I found the work interesting, I often felt I was not truly offering to the world what I am meant to do.  I left my practice and served for two years with Peace Corps in a community health empowerment program in southern Africa.  During this time, I worked directly with youth and adults to empower them through education and action to address their local health needs.  This was the beginning of a wonderful transition in my journey in life.

I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2004, and I have created strong roots here.  I feel a deep connection with this place, and it truly feels like home for me.  In addition to my Life Coaching practice, I also work as a social mentor, life skills mentor, and job mentor for young adults who have disabilities.  I also have completed professional mediation training, and have served as a volunteer mediator with Resolutions Northwest, a local organization that mediates neighborhood conflicts.  In addition, I have studied and currently continue to practice compassionate communication skills (also know as non-violent communication or NVC).

I have an adventurous spirit and love to explore.  I consider myself a full-time student of life and am totally committed to my own ongoing personal growth and development.  In addition, I’ve traveled to over 40 countries in the world.  I love discovering new cultures and connecting with people in other countries.  Other activities I enjoy include being in the outdoors and nature, listening to a wide range of types of music, running, biking, creative painting, photography, and scuba diving.  I also have a deep caring and concern for Mother Earth and the environment, and I seek to facilitate the creation of a greater space of well-being for humanity and all living creatures.