Welcome to Source For Change!

Empowering You to Fully Connect With Your Life

Welcome!  My name is Christopher McHenry, and I’m a Certified Life Coach.  I am committed to empowering people to create and sustain positive change and growth in their lives.  I like the metaphor of life as a “journey.”  And it’s important how we travel on that journey – the choices we make, the relationships we create, and the presence and awareness we bring to each moment of our lives.

Do you want to:

  • Live a richer, fuller, more authentic life?
  • Make career changes that bring you into greater authenticity and alignment with your true self?
  • Make other significant changes in your life?
  • Bring more balance and ease into your life?
  • Create deeper and more meaningful relationships?
  • Find more energy and reduce stress in your life?
  • Become more efficient and organized?
  • Bring more joy and creativity into your life?
  • Learn more about who you are and why you’re here?

If any of these areas strike a chord in you, please consider partnering with me.  During our time together, we will explore what you are desiring in your life, and we'll discover what will enable you to achieve it.  My approach is:

  • To strongly and compassionately support you where you are at;
  • To bring curiosity, intuition, understanding, playfulness, and creativity into an exploration of what is going on for you; and
  • To champion you, encourage you, and gently nudge you forward on your path towards greater wholeness, health, well-being, contentment, and fulfillment in your life.

I love Life Coaching because it allows me to accompany you on your journey, and to support you with reaching your goals and creating a deeper, fuller connection with life.  If you're someone who is committed to fully connecting with your life, I would love to work together with you as your Life Coach.  For more information, please click on the links above.